Wednesday, March 6, 2013


This is a long overdue update,  Pippen found his forever home at 10 weeks and now lives happily in the Boston area.


Pip is a happy-go-lucky and socialable pup! He always has kisses for his people, has a tail that doesn't stop wagging and can't wait to play. He is a black and cream/silver plush dual. He is extremely intelligent, fairly submissive and reminds us a lot of his daddy Ender. He is very confident, gun-sure and tested at the upper end of medium. His ears are starting to perk up, hes starting to learn how to sit on command, walk on a leash and already responds to his name. This is a pup you can do anything with! Please contact Carla at if you have any questions regarding this awesome fur ball. 

I love my toys, just like my daddy!
dirty nose!

Jenders in their new homes

We have one pup that may still be available- Pippen/Blue Boy- everyone else has been placed... 5 are even staying right here in Arizona! I am SO happy to receive photos of the Jender pups in their new homes. These pups were lucky enough to find such wonderful, loving people. So far, the matches seem to be spot-on! We are considering repeating this breeding again in a year, since we have many new people falling in love with the breed and preparing to adopt a Shiloh in the future :)

Bree's family just posted lots of adorable pics of her on the forum! Her new family is in Phoenix (lucky for me!) and they've decided to keep her name. She'll have frequent play dates with Beorn, Arwen and Marigold, who are all staying local! 

Billy arrived safely in Seattle last Saturday- he's the only brave pup who had to fly to his new home! We're not sure if they're keeping his name, and we hope to have pics of him in his new home soon!
Last day in Phoenix

Freya arrived in her new home the very next day after the LER. Her new family hopes to breed and show this feisty little girl, check out the forum for more pics and updates on her!

Arwen will be staying with us for about another week until she moves into her new home- which also happens to be here in PHX. :)

She's always been such a Mama's Girl
They're all so intrigued with the mirror!

Loki is with my daughter and family in Colorado. He lives close enough to Liz's Freya for the occasional Shiloh playdate! Pat is helping them navigate the forum- he just posted a bunch of cute pics of their Loki Ender'son!

Gandalf is well loved by his new family on the West coast! 

Vicki will have a wonderful family just a few hours from us where they plan to involve her in lots of sports and hiking,

Beorn's new family is just down the street from us! This monster pup has already made friends with his 5(!) cat-siblings. His mom will be posting soon to the forum also, so stay tuned…

Mia (Marigold), Pip & Beorn on a field trip for some ice cream

Marigold- now known as Mia- has wrapped her little paws around our hearts and will be staying right here with us. Stay tuned, Mia will soon have her own personal blog!

Teasing Ender with her pig ear!
Woah... who's/what's that??
Goofy smile!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Available Jenders

We completed the LER this past Saturday and its finally time to say goodbye to the Jender fur babies… :( 

Most of the pupsters are spoken for, and Eowyn and MG may be off the list tomorrow. But here are the 2, possibly 4, awesome pups that are looking for their forever homes and family! If you have any further questions about these amazing pups, please contact Carla at

Bilbo - Black Boy

Bilbo is a big grey sable plush male. He is a sociable puppy who had kisses for everyone throughout his LER. He is fairly submissive, a bit cautious but forgiving. He is a med-soft with some prey drive. He is very smart… the only puppy to find his litter mates during the testing. 

Pippin - Blue Boy

Pip, a black and cream/silver plush dual male, is the most happy go lucky, outgoing pup with a tail that never stopped wagging during his LER. He is extremely intelligent, a bit independent, and somewhat self-indulgent. He is fairly submissive, but will try to get his way by manipulating you. He is extremely confident and tested at the upper end of medium. You will need to stay one step ahead of this puppy!

Eowyn - Tan Girl

Eowyn is a big boned grey-tan sable smoothie girl. This girl is bold! She has a solid, confident temperament. She has a brain, and she knows how to use it. Eowyn was fastest through the maze. This big girl is very alert to her surroundings and uses her nose for scenting, she could be a possible SAR prospect. She would do well in an active family with children as she loves her toys and playtime! Eowyn is a moderately submissive puppy, but likes to get her way. She is a solid medium temperament.

Marigold - Yellow Girl

MG is a big, beautiful golden plush sable female. She is very social, bonded to and loves her people, and tested out as a fairly submissive girl. She is cautious in new environments, but very outgoing at home. She prefers interaction with her people rather than toys. MG is the pup who looks to her people for reassurance, she has a softer temperament. She is our “softie” in this litter, but plays hard with her siblings!

Seven Week Jenders

Here are the Jenders at 7 weeks!  Can you believe it? We are all  now starting to think about future homes…and happy families.  Bittersweet, for sure.

I was wondering, do puppies remember their very first family 2 or 3 years down the road That would be cool. Do they remember the smell of their mother? Of their first human mom?

We hope to post some more photos of the LER next week.  I left the names off the pictures to see  if you, too, could now identify them by a photo. Have fun, there are a few clues, Good luck!

Is there a puppy here for you?

Thanks for looking. I know I have been amazed at how different the pictures look from week to week.  Those first pictures don't even come close! It has been a great opportunity to see first hand how the colors and marking change on these little chameleons. Thank you for joining us ! It has been a blast. 

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Jenders at 6 weeks

We've been so busy taking care of and loving up 10 puppies, its hard to find time to take pictures too! The Jenders wish everyone a Happy Valentine's Day! Enjoy the puppy love :)

Pippin- Blue Boy

Marigold- Yellow Girl

Beorn- Brown Boy 
Arwen- Purple Girl

Samwise- Green Boy

Gandalf- Grey Boy

Rosie- Red Girl

Bilbo- Black Boy

Bree- Orange Girl (still a little sleepy)

Eowyn- Tan Girl

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hanging out with four week old Jenders

Erin named this one a"pile of colors".      
There are just to many good pics to post them all here. So just click on this link to see some awesome pups. Hanging Out With The Pups 4- 4.5 Weeks

Monday, January 21, 2013

Three week old Pups

Pic 1 is Beorn, Samwise and Gandolf, Pic 2 Bilbo, Pic 3 Arwen, Pic 4 Eowyn, Pic5 Arwen, Pic6 Bree, Pic 7 Marigold, Pic 8 and 9 Samwise and Pippin, Pic 10 is Rosie, Pic 11 is Bree, Rosie,Eowyn,Arwen,Marigold , Pic 12 Beorn and the last one is a repeat of Bree

Green: my Samwise Ender'son is an Ender clone, laidback, quiet, Loves people, makes good eye contact,

Brown: Beorn is my TANK, chunky monkey and always in the middle of things. Voracious eater. Plows his way through the food bowl

Blue: Pippen is the most attentive to his surroundings, first one to lift his head up when u tiptoe by, He just quietly watches you all of the time

Gray : Gandolf- AKA the stuck, the Brave..The curious…first to follow me outside. Waits by the gate door for it to open, even when Jes is offering a free milk shake. Bravely goes anywhere!

Black: Bilbo. Another quiet observer..always wanting to make eye contact, a lap puppy

Red : Rosie,the playful, the confident, the BIG fat wonderful eater. Everything about Rosie is "big"especially her personality.

Yellow: Marygold, another lap puppy Loves her toys and her siblings. Very playful. Confident Chunky LOVES to be held. She is the first to run to the food bowl, she LOVES her groceries. Very interactive.

Orange: Bree..the soft sweet, ever hungry I can never get enough puppy. One of the first to the bowl or the milk bar, the last to leave. She has soft fluffy curls, the silkiest fur pup. Quiet compared to her sister Rosie. Loves to fall asleep in your lap She is silly and gets SO excited when the food comes by! My wiggle worm.

Purple: Arwen, Another lap puppy, quiet. But you can start to see the wheels turning... Waits her turn very nicely at the milk bar. Loves to play with her sisters and interact with me. Will walk up to me and stare at me until I pick her up. Coos and cuddles

Eowyn..Always checking things out…always moving My free spirt. Dolly the explorer...Cant keep a collar on her. Had to take it off because she kept getting it caught in her paws. Curious and busy.

All the pups LOVE to be held , they give chin kisses and all tails are wagging. They get so excited when they see people!! I can hardly drag myself to work. Watching the daily changes is so amazing……

So thanks for looking!!! We all need a puppy fix every once in a while

Beorn making the best  of an opportunity. Samwise back left. And Gandolf wanting to be up front.

Erin says probably  Gandolf  maybe Bilbo






most likely Samwise, and Beorn or is that Pippin


The Girls,  Bree, Rosie, Eowyn, Arwen, Marigold

Beorn and I think this was last week
Bree again. Believe me, you cant get enough Bree